Midlands Newborn Baby Photography - Emily Grace

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful newborn baby girl with the beautiful name of Emily Grace.  My Emily is nearly seven but I still remember those first few weeks when they just want to be close to mum and dad and will literally sleep in the palm of your hand, as you'll see below!


newborn baby girl photography cardsnewborn-baby-photography-midlands-01 newborn baby photography girl in dad's armsnewborn-baby-photography-midlands-02 newborn baby photographer Birmingham tiny feetnewborn-baby-photography-midlands-03 newborn baby photographer Birmingham baby yawningnewborn-baby-photography-midlands-04 newborn baby girl on mum's shouldernewborn-baby-photography-midlands-05 newborn baby photographer Birmingham hand fingersnewborn-baby-photography-midlands-07 newborn baby photographer sleeping in dad's handnewborn-baby-photography-midlands-08 newborn baby photographer Midlands tiny hand parentsnewborn-baby-photography-midlands-09 Those sleepy first few days pass by so quickly and it's wonderful to capture all those little details. It's best to schedule your session for the first ten days after birth when they're still very sleepy and curled up so if you're expecting and would like to capture your newborn, get in touch and we can pencil in a time based on your due date.  I know the first few weeks (or months!) can be a bit hectic but sessions are done in the comfort of your home and we don't need much space, just an area with good natural light.  Just get in touch!


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